Sunday, July 17, 2011

TV is Bad for Children?

Although people generally say that television is bad for children, research has proven otherwise. it has been found that TV is an interactive tool that encourage children to develop their social and communicative skills. By watching TV, they are more carefree, open and find it easy to communicate with others. TV also helps them develop their English language skill through programmes like Sesame Street and Playhouse Disney. It is no secret that their listening abilities are enhanced as well as their speaking and grammar skills.

Ultimately, TV also provides them a cheap avenue to first-class knowledge through channels like National Geographic, Discovery, Animal Planet, TV IQ, and the various other educational mediums available. Clearly, TV has plenty to offer to our children. it is a waste if parents misunderstand the wealth that TV provides to their children and prevent them from watching it on the excuse that it spoils them.


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